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Defazios carries Conklin quality concentrated cleaning products that work with water and are Biodegradable.
Mox, Sanox II, Bontz, Citrus Care, Cozy, Waush, Crust Buster, Multi-Surface Gel, Rust-Off, Reflections, Spring Dew and MORE!
From curtains to concrete, we have the cleaner for you!

Conklin has updated their web sites.
At the moment there are No Retail sales!
They are working on a new shopping cart program. 
Not sure when it will be ready.

In the meantime I have changed my website links so you can check prices.


The only way to order products, for the moment, is to become a "Preferred Customer" for $25.00 and place an order for $50.00 or more.
You will automatically get 20% off your order.
The on line application link is below.

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Update    12/02/2015

The links do work on this site!
Still no retail sales.
When the cart Does come online, this will be one of the first functional websites for Conklin products.
Please check back often.
Thank-you for your patience.


Chances are, many of the traditional cleaners in your home's cabinets contain potentially dangerous toxins that promote illness, fatigue, and disease. Eliminate this deadly risk and get rid of stubborn dirt and bacteria with Conklin's environmentally- and family-safe cleaners. 

Conklin products have the same powerful, effective formulas as those in products chosen by city, state, and private agencies across the country. All-natural ingredients and vigorous cleaning action. Protects your family from harmful toxic ingredients while battling stubborn dirt and grime. 

Agencies everywhere are lining up to purchase the same non-toxic cleaners as those found in the Conklin line of products. Now, you can use these powerful, all-natural alternatives to toxic traditional cleaners in your own office and home. 

A family of four spends approximately $880 on cleaning products each year. Conklin's efficient, effective cleaners allow you to spend half that much money for the same cleaning power. We offer a full line of cleaning products to meet the demands of the family, as well as heavy-duty products for industry, institutions and businesses.

"I don’t know what I’d do without Conklin cleaners. I use them all! Conklin cleaners do the work - not me. Conklin products do a much better job so I spend less time cleaning."
- Liz Lap, Florida

"Conklin cleaners work and they are economical. Our customers are counting on our cleaning line to take care of some pretty big messes. Conklin really delivers!"
- Lester Schwagler, North Dakota

"For nearly 20 years, we have been selling Mox to a jewelry store. They buy it in five-gallon containers for their commercial jewelry cleaning machines and use it in a diluted form. The owners also buy quarts of Mox which they sell with their personal jewelry cleaning machines. They say it's better than anything else on the market sold specifically for jewelry."
- Tom Warschefsky, MI

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Crust Buster
Toilet Bowl Cleaner
This formula is a unique gel in a convenient bottle shaped specifically for cleaning toilet bowls and urinals.
Fast - acting cleaning power
Fights rust, lime and scale buildup
Deodorizing scent
Safe for plumbing and septic systems

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Mox® Concentrated Multipurpose Cleaner
Concentrate Your Cleaning Efforts
From greasy kitchen appliances to grimy bathroom surfaces, Mox handles it all, replacing multiple competitive brands. Powerful, biodegradable formula lifts crayon, lipstick, grease and tough beverage stains without harsh bleaches or solvents. Mix two ounces of Mox with 20 ounces of water (1:10 ratio) for all-purpose cleaning. Increase Mox proportion for heavier-duty cleaning. Translucent, adjustable-spray nozzle bottle features graduated measuring scale.

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Crust Buster
Bathroom Spray

Easily wipes away soap scum
This non-corrosive, biodegradable formula delivers unbeatable cleaning power. Spray and wipe away soap film and light water deposits, leaving behind a streak-free shine and a refreshing lemon scent.

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Multi-Surface Cleaning Gel
Bathroom and Kitchen Cleaner

Our non-abrasive gel cleans soap film, scale and mineral deposits, and rust from sinks, tubs, shower stalls, tile, faucets and toilets. It will keep your stainless steel sinks and cookware looking like new.

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