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Mountain Stream Shower Filter System!

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Mountain Stream Deluxe® Shower Filtration System

Filtering out chlorine from your shower water can offer noticeable cosmetic benefits such as softer, healthier skin and hair.It's like showering in natural spring water!

Feel refreshed
Experience softer, healthier skin and hair
Remove chlorine and other chemicals in your shower



Taking a shower in chlorinated water will:
•Strip away the natural oils of your skin
•Weaken the color and strength of your hair
•Exposes you to more chemicals than drinking water
•Can irritate your lungs causing health problems

Attaches easily to any shower pipe in seconds. The shower head can be adjusted to any desired pressure setting. Our Mountain Stream® Shower Filtration System offers a patented two-stage replaceable filter with a flow rate of 2.5 gpm that lasts for 10,000 gallons. It can also provide a 20-25 percent savings in water and heating expenses.

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