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We had massive leaks in the cooling system of our conversion van. The mechanic said it would cost $700 and take one week to fix. We added one can of DIKE to the radiator and the leaks stopped in three to five minutes. 
 -Viccy Hoag,  Mich.

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 Temporary Radiator Stop Leak
Dike temporary seals small leaks before they develop into serious problems. Dike seals radiator leaks, hose connections, heater cores and stops head gasket seepage. Dike is safe to use in cars, trucks and other water-cooled equipment. Dike's advanced formula seeks out leaks and provides an internal seal in cooling system components

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Radiator Conditioner

Keeps cooling systems operating at peak efficiency

SafeŽ protects gasoline and diesel cooling systems from rust and corrosion. Formula prevents causes of engine overheating, including lime and scale buildup and coolant foaming. Compatible with all vehicle cooling systems and coolants.


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A Dike Testimonial

Barry and I were on are way home last fall in our motorhome and our radiator sprung a leak, water was running out faster than we could pour it in. We were sitting at a convenience store wondering what we were going to do because we were still quite a ways from home. We put a can of DIKE in and then put water in and in just a matter of minutes the leak stopped and were able to travel home and to this day have not had the leak and have not had the radiator fixed.
- Dianna Watson (6/22/2002)

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Radiator Flush 

Removes 20% more scale than the leading brand

Easy-to-use formula cleans entire cooling systems, preventing engine overheating. Removes rust, scale and residue and restores cooling system efficiency.

Non-acidic cleaner is safe for all systems.

Use in cars, trucks, SUVs, semis and tractors.


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